Thursday, March 22, 2007

Cheap Cooking Wine

On the New York Times website, there's an article about cooking wines. Synopsis: cooking with cheap wine is just as good as pricey varieties. I'm pretty glad to hear that I haven't been missing out on much. Anyway, the link is here for those who want to check it out.

Also: a friend just introduced me to a cookbook so great that I started to take notes on it, before deciding to stop being lame and just buy my own copy. The Classic Cookbook, a compilation of The Cook's Bible and The Dessert Bible (750 recipes total). The recipes appear to be exactly as advertised, but what really drew me to it was the in-depth how-to instructions on so much about cooking I really felt like I should know already. Also, the author's very every-day practical in techniques he recommends, which I can't help but applaud. So hopefully soon some recipes from that will start floating around the site.

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