Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Shout Out: Guacamole

Everyone has that one friend who should never be allowed in a kitchen. They burn things, they curse, and generally it's assumed that they and cooking have a cosmic feud unresolvable in a single lifetime. My friend who falls in this category, who has been a gracious guinea pig for several of my culinary endeavors, wanted the world to know that she successfully made guacamole.

The ingredients--cilantro, avocados, mayo, garlic, onions, limes, and tomatoes--compiled in her kitchen, my friend and I had the following conversation.

Her: Blair, you know how I said I couldn't mess up guacamole?
Me: Yes.
Her: My avocados are too hard. I can't smush them. Can I borrow a whisk?
Me: Try a fork; it's stronger.
Her: See, that was my thought, too. But really, they aren't smushing.
Me: Try microwaving them in water for 10-15 seconds to get them more mushy. Works with pumpkin.
Her: Ok, I'll call you back.

1 minute later.

Her: So, funny story.
Me: ?
Her: My microwave is broken. Can I borrow yours.....and that whisk?
Me: Sure.

Once it was all said and done, the guac was actually quite tasty (we both like it really limey...she thought there was too much garlic, to which I replied, oh, there's garlic in here?). So, anyway, we just wanted to announce that the girl who has literally torn smoke detectors out of the wall on previous cooking extravaganzas successfully made something tasty from scratch.

Side note: the Food Network had this great tip for making guac that you put all the ingredients in a freezer bag and mush the outside with your hands. Since we had neither freezer bags, nor squishy avocados, that didn't work quite so well. But it's a great idea.

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